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I was covered,never,I repeat NEVER I haven't covered,maybe this 2-month trash can that t Oase,but I really begged her not to ruin a family,all what it seemed was ready,was not serious,its significance flew into space,instantly!!!! I can not explain. And half an hour of your knees with my hand,then let go as if with the kettle removed the cover,took off all that worried about 2 months,stopped shaking hands and I have a calm voice say. Well, OK. then it's over. Through the next 9 minutes,but let's try. I am OK,but do not promise anything to each other. Next day again and again)))) I was trying to put in the position of the DoD, saw a night photo of the city while I was riding,they say I'm their detail dyal who t OI sent. This time not covering anything and I talk,finally. I'm glad.CBD calms,begins to go straight all the faces,mats,screaming,accusations.I FSUs,can answer questions on Marty laugh. See e starts hard to cover. Morning ignore,trying to talk,day also, the evening begins to gotvoice borscht-soups-meat.

1) hide your income. What is it: a lot of RSP, agreeing with the guy that you pay yourself, and alimony through the courts to recover it will not, violate the agreement almost immediately, and file for child support as if the man paying nothing at all. In addition, in a divorce most of the princesses are beginning to believe that man is obliged to pay child support she. Here and start walking to the courts, alimony in the fixed sum, and so on. You just don't take me for a cynic, but in my work, I had no such wonders had seen. There are a lot of men - real goats, but not to the extent of Mercantile RSP too lacking in abundance. Don't give her a tool to bend you with the financial side. Pay the minimum. That is, as long as the child needs for accommodation. And don't cialis forget that she also needs to participate in the content. All other spending is only your good will, and not your responsibility. Therefore the official maintenance to a minimum, not more than 10-12 thousand and the transfer to her Bank card, and the rest according to your wishes and only child.

Is argument, again, appears inadequate with her hand (shock, a slap in the face) I had to dismiss her and decide that it is time to stop because of respect for me no, the check is littered with, I'm not afraid to lose, and therefore allow to behave this way and it only gets worse. Go to your parents and live there for a week, went to work fully, very bored. but never talked at all, she breaks the phone, trying to get the address from friends, breaks the phone to my mother eventually learns district makes Megan comes and I'm just not getting out. (Parents live in this city)

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