Cbd Wholesale products

Cbd wholesale products and how they are produced
First of all you extract hemp with CO2 and then it produces an extract that is a paste. The extract contains many waxes which make the product like a paste. The extract from the first extraction is a thick, golden brown paste. The extraction can vary in percentages of CBD and CBDa from 3% CBD to 30% CBD.

It is also possible to make the percentage of CBD or CBDa higher If you have special needs for this kind of cbd wholesale products.

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There’s also different types of filtration. The first one is cold filtration where you work with low temperatures and remove a wax from the first extract. Since the viscosity is lower, the product is liquid and possible, it is easy to mix with other products and keep the end product liquid. The outcome is a looser extract with lower viscosity. Great for cbd wholesale products.
The second one is heat filtration where you work with higher temperatures and remove another type of wax from the cold filtered CBD extract. The result is a looser extract with lower viscosity, which we call hot filtered CBD extract or even “the golden oil”. The viscosity is lower than the first CBD extraction, but higher than the cold-filtered CBD extract. Wich is also very good to and when you produce big amounts of cbd wholesale products.

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Quality control is a very important and central concern in the industry. But be sure to choose the right cbd wholesale for your brand. Take a good look into the industry and control if the produce is organic and fairtrade.

By continuing the filtration process of the extracts, you can produce 99% pure CBD, which can be used for various cbd wholesale productions. As an example, we usually need to extract our extracts with organic hemp seed oil to leach the material. For vape products we recommend using 99% CBD.